HFT is a non-traditional psychological therapy method that works similar to a combination of two more traditional methods called Existential and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy yet still works completely opposite of traditional programs.


Handwriting Formation Therapy is ​evidence-based, accepted by some private insurance companies, and works with ages 7 – 99 for the following types of stressors: recovery from abuse, giving up addictions, recovery from other traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse, quieting anger, calming anxiety, giving focus to ADD / ADHD, holistically managing and / or eliminating symptoms of mental illnesses, letting go of codependency, reversing depression, owning your eating habits instead of the food owning you, eliminating grief and feelings of guilty, overcoming fear, calming night terrors,  PTSD, and more.

Treyce Montoya, MPsyD is the first person in international history to create a combined handwriting and therapy program!

Read more about Treyce’s Handwriting Formation Therapy on her website.